Take advantage of the Land Army, East Java Build cattle



portaltiga.com:Gubernur East Java in Indonesia, Soekarwo proposed use of empty land belonging to TNI for cattle ranching. Vacant land, among others in Grati, Pasuruan belongs to the Navy.

“In Grati, Pasuruan that the land the Navy big and empty. Try if used for cattle farming, can certainly accommodate thousands of cows,” said Soekarwo as a speaker in a seminar titled Restoration of Economic Policy at the Hotel Bumi Surabaya on Thursday (28 / 1).

Attended a seminar entitled Economic Policy DPP Chairman of the National Democratic Party (NasDem), some regents / mayors in East Java and other officials. This seminar was held in cooperation with the East Java provincial government reserarch Media Center is owned by Surya Paloh.

“While there is Mr. Surya Paloh here. As Mr. Jokowi Syuronya Council, I hope that this proposal can be submitted to TNI Commander,” said Governor familiarly called Pakde Karwo.

By using the empty land belonging to TNI, Pakde Karwo optimistic shortage of meat that has always occurred in Indonesia could soon be covered. Every year, Java is actually a surplus of beef. However, the surplus of Java still not able to meet the total needs of meat in Indonesia.

Currently, the cattle population in East Java reached 4,071 thousand heads, or equivalent to 27.69 percent of the national population, which reached 14 703 thousand heads. Likewise the production of beef, annually reaching 119 463 tonnes, equivalent to 22.12 percent of the national stock of meat as much as 539 965 tonnes.

Not only beef, even for dairy cows, East Java currently has a population of 238 thousand heads or reaching 49 percent of the total national population of dairy cows as much as 483 thousand heads. “Milk of Java it controlled 53 per cent of national milk production,” he said.

Actually, farmers in East Java is able to increase production. However, the limited land they make now could not develop to the maximum population.

Use of vacant land owned by the TNI could be done by way of lease wear and involving the private sector and the government. “In Grati it count if I can hold 1 million cows, it’s incredible,” he said.

Responding to this suggestion, Surya Paloh promised to convey the East Java provincial government wishes to TNI Commander. “Did Mr. Surya direct scheduled in order to meet the commander of the military,” he said. (Bmw)