It is called Promoting Economic Growth In Indonesia, Fast Train Project called redundant


portaltiga.com:DPR RI Bambang Haryo fast train project considers the Jakarta-Bandung conducted by the President Jokowi assessed as not pro-people programs and will promote economic growth in Indonesia.

When confirmed, Friday (29/1), Gerindra politician is where the fast trains being unable to stimulate the economy in Indonesia because only carry passengers only. “It should also not just transport goods transport humans. The hope is that there is transport of goods would be cut logistics costs. If this is realized then this can be said redundant projects undertaken by Ri president Joko Widodo, “he explained.

Men from Surabaya-Sidoarjo Dapil said rail funds quickly majors Jakarta-Bandung who swallow the Rp 76 trillion is better utilized for developing the existing railway.

“The fund could be used to add about 1,000 series of passenger trains. Additional series of trains will be more if combined with freight trains to transport logistics, “he said.

Bambang said each set of regular trains only require about 75 billion assuming the price of around Rp35 billion locomotives and 10 passenger carriages each worth Rp 4 billion. As for the freight train, the price is even cheaper at around Rp700 million per carriage capacity of 20-40 tons or Rp 7 billion per 10 carriages, so that a series of freight train requires only Rp42 billion.

Bambang said PT Kereta Api Indonesia (Persero) currently requires about 200 series of trains to encourage the transfer of goods to rail transportation logistics. “If each set of railway goods worth Rp42 billion, meaning KAI only need an injection of 8.4 trillion to meet the target,” he concluded , (Jude)