Develop successful APEX Bank, East Java Governor Receive Pioneer Award Inclusion Local Government Finance

Gubernur Jatim Soekarwo terima penghargaan

Develop successful APEX Bank,
East Java Governor Receive Pioneer Award Inclusion Local Government Finance
Portaltiga.com:Usaha APEX Bank in East Java development is done by East Java Governor Dr. H. Soekarwo fruitful achievement in itself. On the development of APEX Bank in East Java, Pakde Karwo closely greeting the Governor of East Java received the Pioneer Award Categories Local Government Financial Inclusion.

The award was presented by the Chairman of the Board of Commissioners FSA Muliaman D Hadad to Pakde Karwo witnessed by President Joko Widodo in the meeting of the President with the representatives of the Financial Services Industry Performers 2016 at the State Palace in Jakarta, Friday (15/1) morning.
Financial Inclusion Pioneer award is given to leaders and institutions outside the financial services industry over the role and contribution to the development of the financial services industry. There are four categories for the award which universities, leaders, local governments, and associations.
Pakde Karwo considered to have pioneered the region through ownership of rural banks (BPR) to one owned by the local government, the establishment of APEX BPR, as well as support the development of the People’s Business Credit (KUR) through optimization of the role of Regional Credit Guarantee (Jamkrida).
Pioneer Local Government Financial Inclusion category is an award Pakde Karwo first achieved in 2016. In addition to the East Java province, the pioneer award categories Local Government Financial Inclusion is also given to the Central Java province and Mojokerto.
Central Java Province received by Central Java Governor Ganjar Pranowo considered successful implementation of the Law on Micro Finance Institutions (MFIs) with an inventory of MFIs that have not been incorporated, has a program of MFIs by enabling activities SKPD related business development and community empowerment with the development of MFIs, as well as launching the licensing MFI the first time since the enactment of the Act MFI.
While the mayor received Mojokerto Mojokerto KH. Mas’ud Yunus assessed enforce financial services industry by providing financing to MSMEs through the SRB are not bankable municipal authorities, issuing various regional regulations that support Islamic financial and set up 2 LKMS the first in East Java, so as to improve access to public finance.
After receiving the award, Pakde Karwo said, this award is a token of appreciation to banks in East Java, including Java Bank, SME Bank Jatim, and rural districts / cities in East Java.
“This accomplishment achieved over the steps undertaken able to help small communities to be empowered in the economy such as the provision of cheap credit to SMEs. Banking able to achieve their business communities feasible but not bankable, “he said.
Pakde Karwo explained, East Java provincial government to intervene to defend SMEs, one regulation that Bank Jatim be APEX Bank for Rural Banks (BPR) in East Java with lower interest rates than commercial banking.
“Bank Jatim as APEX Bank in East Java, has given some ease as credit linkage program with mild interest. With the Apex Bank Jatim formed, expectations of SMEs can be served, “he said.
With low interest rates, SMEs will be easier to access and obtain venture capital stimulation with mild interest. “Especially for the poor, there should be Dilibelarisasi because they are in a weak position if forced to participate liberalization. So SMEs need to be intervened by the government to get the product better, cheaper, and faster, “said Pakde Karwo.

For Java Jamkrida expected to have a role concept is more than just insurance. When Jamkrida launched a lot of business activities feasible but not bankable so Jamkrida actively involved providing support to SMEs.
“Jamkrida which carry out functions as a guarantor to increase access of entrepreneurship that has developed a pioneering new business or fisible but not bankable, it becomes possible to be developed through Jamkrida facilities,” he said ..
In this meeting, the Chairman of the Board of Commissioners Financial Services Authority (FSA) said the FSA encourage the implementation of the Regional Financial Access Acceleration Program that can create economic growth more equitable, participatory and inclusive.
“The accelerated program in the area of ​​access to finance is very important and should be a priority concern us together to expand access to finance for people in the area. This expectation is in line with the desire of the President to strengthen the local economy in sustaining the growth of the national economy, “he said.
According to him, the acceleration program access to local finance urgently need the active role of local government. So the FSA will follow up this program with the establishment of the Regional Financial Access Acceleration or shortened by TPAKD together with the Ministry of the Interior and other relevant agencies.
“This team will be working together among the various elements in the region to seek a breakthrough in opening more proactive financial access for people in the area. Potential sources of funding in the area will be optimized to extend the provision of funding for the productive development of SMEs and entrepreneurs in the area, “Hadad said.
FSA targeting economic empowerment in rural communities. Therefore, this meeting also invited the leaders of the financial services industry to extend the reach to the regions. (Die)