In February 2016, President Jokowi Inaugurates Regional Head Election Selected Simultaneously

Presiden RI Joko Widodo (rmol.co)


Portaltiga.com: Good news for the district governors who won elections in Indonesia in December 2015 simultaneous ago. Interior Minister signaled the inauguration of elected regional heads
in February. Inauguration of the originally scheduled end of January 2016 was postponed because the disputed elections in MK.
Do not know yet when the completion of the Constitutional Court. If March is certainly over time. While the adjacent February to March. It could be in February,” said Interior Minister Tjahjo Kumolo in Jakarta, Wednesday (27/1).

Former PDIP Secretary General said today he is preparing new rules to legalize the President’s authority to appoint regents and mayors at the State Palace.
“During this time always inducted in the provincial capital. Now the rules are being made again so that no one,” he said. (CS)