No Investment Security Assurance, 22 United States Investment Company In East Java


Surabaya: A total of 22 companies from the United States confirmed that it will invest in East Java. 22 companies include 3M, AECOM, Asian Tigers Mobility, Colliers International, PT. Dow Indonesia, EBD Bauer, Edelman Indonesia, Entrust Datacard Corp., ExxonMobil Cepu Limited, FEDEX, Fluidic Energy, GE, GlaxoSmithKlein, Honeywell, IBM, Johnson & Johnson, Lockheed Martin, Mead Johnson, Mercer, Spire Global, TRANSFAST and USABC.

“Java is one of the provinces that have the most important role in the Indonesian economy by the middle class continues to grow at above average. I hope this visit can improve the relationship between Indonesia and the US “, said US Ambassador Robert O Blake during a meeting in East Java Governor Soekarwo Grahadi Surabaya, on Tuesday (22/3).

Blake said that this visit is very important, where the US economy is currently very well while other countries are down. Not only that, long-term relationship is very important considering US aid to Indonesia has been going on since long.

Meanwhile, East Java Governor Soekarwo said he can guarantee the investment plans of the US businessmen. Assurance that such form of ease of licensing, the acceleration of land acquisition, the supply of energy or guarantee the availability of electricity, and the latter is a good working climate, especially the labor problem. “America is a strategic trade partner for Java to accelerate economic growth”, he said.

According to him, investment opportunities and cooperation in East Java US employers conducted in various fields. Including infrastructure, health, education, as well as security and order. Infrastructure, such as ports, provision of double track for rail and air transport. Namely vocational education sector, aimed at reducing unemployment. The health sector has also become a focus for the productivity of workers depends on the level of health. As well, policy and security will be strengthened so that the investment be safe and comfortable. (Yudhie)