Beef prices skyrocketed in Surabaya Up




portaltiga.com: when the fourth week of January 2016 the price of basic material needs good quality beef in the traditional markets of East Java, Indonesia especially in Surabaya Wonokromo market average of Rp 107,000 / kg. The price of rice IR 64 medium average of Rp 10,000 / kg, wheat flour Rp 8.400kg, chicken Rp 35.000 / kg, eggs Rp 23,000, sugar Rp 12,500 / kg, cooking oil Rp 10,000 / kg.

Section Head of Market and Distribution Sector Domestic Trade Disperindag East Java M Hamid Pelu in his office on Tuesday (26/1) said; Minister of Finance Regulation No. 267/2015 implementing value-added tax (VAT) of 10 percent government revoked. Meat prices are expected to gradually fall.

While in general the prices of some staples in the average Surabaya stagnant stable except beef, chicken and medium rice prices are still high flugtuatif

To desta- kebutahan prices of goods due to stock supplies enough staples plus distribution to various areas quite smoothly. While the prices of vegetables are also stable except chilli also remained high. As the price of vegetable chili For curly red chili today rara average Rp 31,700 / kg, chili Rp 26,000 / kg and the usual red chili from Rp 27,500 / kg. While onion Rp 25.000 / kg, garlic Rp 26,200 / kg, cabbage Rp .8.700 / kg. tomato Rp 9,100 / kg, carrot Rp 14.000 / kg, potato Rp 18,500 / kg and vegetable beans Rp .8.200 / kg.

While the normal visitor Wonokromo normal market with the number of visitors to about 2,000 people / day. Most got a visit vendor booths staple food and drinks. Besides booths jewelers also a lot of people visit to buy jewelry, jewelry prices tend to fall after the New Year so much demand. (Quoted from Kominfo Java / Yu)