Wow, 170 people infected with HIV in East Java

Surabaya: East Java Health Office noted that from January to September 2015 there were 170 people in East Java detected HIV positive. Chief Medical Officer of East Java Java Harsono said until now is still ranked second after Papua as a province with the number of cases of HIV / AIDS. Recorded Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission (PMTCT) of HIV pregnant women = 920 and antiretroviral therapy (ART) 711. While babies born to HIV-positive pregnant women 70 infants 20 of them died.

The main factors of HIV transmission according to Harsono, 79.50% through heterosexual and NAZPA / IDU 11.97%, 3.78% Homo, Perinatal (birth) 3.56%, 0.86% and bisexuals. “If by sex male 8783 people or 61.9%, while as many as 5,415 women, or 38.1%,” he said.

While cases of AIDS in children aged less than 14 years as many as 502 with the highest proportion in the age group 0-4 years 361 children. many of these findings by Harsono not solely because of the number of new cases increased, but because of the level of public awareness high to check their health. “We now also have a program of pregnant women compulsory HIV testing, point yes to prevent pebularan and assess if there is a positive we give treatment immediately, “he said.

Further said Harsono status of the HIV epidemic is concentrated epidemic (in the general population frequency are less than 1%, while in certain populations of more than 5%). Estimates person who is infected with HIV in East Java as many as 57 321 (the calculation in 2012).