Upcoming February 2016, Official Bawean Tohir Harun Airport Operations

Bawean Tohir Harun Airport(bawean.net)

Portaltiga.com: If nothing gets in the way, Tohir Aaron service in Bawean, Gresik will be operationalized late January or early February. However, before it officially opened, will be tested last week of January 2016.

“The plan trials will be conducted late this January. So inauguration otherwise late January early February yes, “said the head of Department of Transportation and Traffic Transportation (Transportation and LLAJ) of East Java Province, Dr Ir Wahid Wahyudi MT, Monday (18/1).

Inauguration Tohir Aaron service will be made directly Ministry of Communications (MOC) Ignatius Jonan and East Java Governor Dr H Soekarwo. “Mr. Minister of Transportation have confirmed to attend and officiate directly. It requests him, “he said.

Explained, the aircraft will operate on the island of Bawean, is a Cessna plane from airline Air Fast. Aircraft with a capacity of 18 passengers it will serve the flying route from Surabaya to Sumenep, Sumenep to Jember. Then from Jember back to Sumenep, Sumenep and Surabaya and Surabaya to Bawean and Bawean to Surabaya.

Later in the week, will operate three times. As for ticket prices between Rp 400 thousand for Surabaya-Bawean and vice versa. While the Surabaya-Jember and Surabaya and Sumenep range of USD 350 thousand. “But the price is still uncertain because we are still discussing,” he said.

Based on the prediction, Surabaya-Bawean service flights would be crowded compared to other airports. For many people Bawean the labor abroad. For flights Surabaya-Sumenep which have served Susi Air demandnya not too high.

“Just fulfilled 40 percent of capacity. After this Surabaya and Sumenep Fast Water will be served three times a week, the same as the Surabaya-Bawea. One of these aircraft will be going around the circumference to the airports pioneer in Java, except Banyuwangi because du plane that is not yet over capacity, “he explained.

Although Tohir Aaron Airport and other airports in East Java has been operating all, Wahid call home base remain at Juanda Airport. If demandnya (demand) still average alias is still small, home base airport will be centered at Juanda Airport in Surabaya. “So, depending on a lot and the least consumer demand,” he said.

Currently, Java has seven airports scattered in several areas of East Java. Namely, Juanda International Airport in Surabaya, international airport Abdul Rachman Saleh in Malang, airport Blimbingsari in Banyuwangi, service Notohadinegoro in Jember, Iswahyudi Airport, Madison, service Trunojyo in Sumenep, Madura and the last is a service of Aaron Tohir in Bawean Island, Gresik. (Bmw)