UN Secretary General Condemns Terrorist Attacks in Indonesia

UN chief Ban-Ki-Moon (okeebos.com)


Portaltiga.com: Condolences and condemnation of terrorism and support for the government in Indonesia flow from several countries of the world including from UN Secretary General Ban-Ki-Moon.
Quoted from Antara, a spokesman for Ban Ki-Moon in New York, United States, Friday (15/1) said deep condolences to the victims and those who were injured a quick recovery.

“There is no justification for terrorism and hopes that the perpetrators immediately dragged in court,” said a spokesman for Ban Ki-Moon.

Meanwhile, apart from the UN Secretary General, condolences came from Bert Koenders Dutch Foreign Minister, Julie Bishop Australian Foreign Minister, Sebastian Kurz Austrian Foreign Minister, Borge Brende Minister of Foreign Affairs of Norway, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Greece, as well as the Embassy of Russia, Denmark, Hungary, and Norway.

Just a note, from terrorist attacks in Sarinah, Jl. Thamrin Jakarta, Thursday (15/1) has killed as many as 24 people, including citizens of the Netherlands, Austria, Germany, and Algeria, were injured in the incident. (Ant / Dwi)