The culprit Many Killed, IPW Call Failed Bomb Attack Attack Sarinah

Neta S Pane (batamtoday.com)


Portaltiga.com: Bomb attacks against Sarinah on Jl. Thamrin Jakarta, Thursday (14/1) assessed by Indonesia Police Watch as a failed bomb attack but made a remarkable surprise.
IPW Presidium Neta S. Pane in Jakarta, Friday (15/1) said said the attack failed because cause the most deaths were the perpetrators and found bomb unused.
“We ask the police to hunt them as quickly as possible because of fear it would repeat the action in the near future,” he explained.

Neta said that there is nothing new in today’s terrorist attack model to see the attack at Sarinah, namely the open attack and appeared before the public in large numbers.
“Not only that explosives are owned improvised explosives. They include reckless and seemed ready to commit suicide together, “he explained.

Not only that, beber Neta S Pane, the terrorists appeared very calm and act together. “They seem to want to show that their group is more dangerous than other groups,” he concluded.