Terrorist alert, East Java KGB Prepare Personnel

Portaltiga.com – National Guard Command (KGB) of East Java Alert entire personnel to secure in each – each city and county. Related events bomb blast in Jalan Thamrin, Jakarta, which killed 16 people and the four bombers.

Chairman of the KGB in East Java, Chusainuddin, admitted, with a power of 3 thousand members scattered across East Java, the KGB would coordinate with the police. Pattern securing vital objects will follow the conditions in each – each region.

“We (KGB) have trained personnel and mentally to face a difficult situation. Coaching yesterday (training) will be equipped to secure territorial, “terangnta, Thursday (14/01/2016).

PKB politician’s words, acts of terror predicted will not occur in Jakarta alone. Precautions entrance to East Java has also become a priority scale monitoring. Police, Army, and the KGB is expected to provide the security and convenience of the public.

“East Java is not likely to be the target of terror, better idle. We have often communicated with the security forces, “he added.

According to members of Commission B DPRD East Java, acts of terror have been troubling the community at large. However, maintaining integrity of the Republic and not provoked KGB members would continue to be delivered throughout the region.

KGB itself, said Udin, this PKB politician close calls, set up not only securing for the benefit of any party. However, people also feel the function of the KGB.