Surabaya City Government Launches Community-based Tourism Village

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portaltiga.com Elected Mayor of Surabaya Tri Rismaharini with the Director of Human Resources and General PT Pelabuhan Indonesia III (Persero) or Pelindo III, Toto Heli Yanto, launched the exotic tourist destinations, Kampong Lawas Maspati, in Bubutan, Surabaya, East Java, on Sunday (22 / 1). The inauguration also marks the implementation of Kampong Lawas Maspati Festival 2016. The annual event is organized independently by the villagers themselves. “Surabaya City Government strongly supports the development of community-based tourist destinations or managed independently by the citizens. It will continue to be developed and integrated with other tourist destinations, as a visit to make it more attractive package,” said Risma after the event. Meanwhile, Patience, Chairman of RW VIII are also advocates of tourism, said, “the launch of Kampong Lawas Maspati as tourist village become a milestone in the revival wong kampung (villagers) to continue to actively create and survive in the era of globalization, with no loss of identity as a village Surabaya The original or arek Suroboyo, “he said in the middle of the show. “By holding the Festival Kampong Lawas, it will invite the public to visit the heritage village located not far from the Tugu Pahlawan,” he added. Hallways Kampung Maspati since the former have become witness to a long history of Surabaya. There are many historical places there, from the house that was once the village school during the occupation of the Netherlands called School Ongko Loro (number two). Then there is former bread factory building belonging to Haji Isaac who was also a common kitchen when the historic battle, November 10, 1945. The building is from 1958 up to now converted to Bs “Asri” with tiles and antique architecture. There are still many other colonial heritage buildings with a distinctive architectural style Indis up ekletis (mixture) there. Patiently continue, the citizens and the government agree that the village manages Maspati as a tourist destination, then the sustainability of the heritage buildings that are there can be properly managed. Located in the heart of metropolitan Surabaya, the second largest city in Indonesia, making the building a historical witness there threatened bought and turned into modern buildings. “Having been a tourist village, residents can participate actively manage tourism activities hometown so get additional revenue,” he said. Efforts to foster economic independence villagers increasingly realized, because PT Pelabuhan Indonesia III (Persero) or Pelindo III intervened to support residents through the Community Development Program and partnerships (CSR / CSR). SOE harbor which manages 43 ports in 7 provinces in Indonesia, in 2015 and has built a multipurpose room in the middle of the village. “We used to help establish a multipurpose building with the hope to become a place for people to do a variety of activities, including discussion advancing the village. Now the expectation is realized with the launch of the tourist village, “said Director of Human Resources and General Pelindo III, Toto Heli Yanto, who was also present. Toto Heli Yanto tell, Pelindo III increasingly eager support of the citizens. “Pelindo III participated actively promote the existence of this village to tourist cruises (cruise) docked at the international passenger terminal magnificent Nusantara Surya Gate, Port of Tanjung Perak, to stop in the village of Lawas Maspati,” he explained. Most cruise tourists who are generally elderly, tend to like a visit to a historic location in Indonesia for their exotic and intertwined with the history of their own, he said. Do not stop there, Pelindo III also ready to give an injection of capital for business development home residents. Kampung Maspati has a number of excellent products, such as passion fruit syrup, a traditional grass jelly drinks, and a variety of handicraft products such as ornaments, souvenirs, and even clothing. “We hope the proceeds citizens of tourism management can be set aside for working capital. Partnership Program (soft loan) of Pelindo III can support the capital that is growing, so that citizens increasingly independent and Kampung Maspati remain stable, “said Toto Heli Yanto. All the tourism potential in Maspati had been proven to attract tourists, including dozens of South Korean tourists who were present at the festival. They are participants Introduction to Culture and Language Program in Surabaya (Surabaya Cultural and Language Immersion Program) organized by Surabaya City Government and Tourism Promotion Organization (TPO). “It is expected that after attending this program, participants can promote Surabaya, including hospitality,” said Risma again. One of the participants, Seo Yein, revealing the many experiences for City of Heroes, including when he tasted various local products Kampung Maspati snacks, processed snacks leaf aloe (Aloe vera) in houses. “It feels good! It is also a good thing, because people can make home production easily and of course also be additional income,” he said. Festival Village Lawas Maspati graced with a variety of interesting activities, such as traditional games, a local culinary market, and trail the history of ancient houses. And the appearance of patrol music group consisting of boys Maspati played songs to the accompaniment of musical instruments and improvise as gallons of used cans. In the evening kroncong musical offerings and performances ludruk entertain the longing for the entertainment of the people in the middle of the sparkling metropolis increasingly modern city of Surabaya. “Let’s stop by the village Maspati, felt in Surabaya past,” said Patience promotion.(Yudi)
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