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Safety Tips For Long distance Flight



portaltiga.com:You will do nonstop air travel long distances, the tips presented below is a compilation from various sources we collect for you, along with some of the latest additions inserts adapted to the conditions of travel at airports around the world. For tips on air travel through areas of conflict can be read in other articles, Reading Congratulations and greetings congratulations to you and your family.

Long-distance travel is usually a cross-country trip, therefore it must be equipped with a variety of travel documents. Make sure all documents you should bring and followers, is complete.

Hold several documents only needed only to be shown when crossing checkpoints, such as air tickets, passports, customs clearance, quarantine letter or certificate of immunization.

To avoid that the original documents others are not confused or taken away by inspectors, save a document that has not been used is in a safe place and easily retrieved at any time in a special bag of documents, usually in a pocket inside the jacket or a special place that is hanging on the neck ,

Quoted from the various sources of current health, we insert some additional tips how a simple way to avoid transmission of several types of diseases that are easily transmitted during air travel. You are advised to do some preventive measures and more rigorous prevention sebagaiberikut: Bring sterile tissue paper (hand towels disposal) to taste; before sitting down, clean up first your seat on the plane with the tissue paper, and other places such as arm rest, head rest and the window (if your seat at the window / window); always clean your hands, nose and face with tissue paper that you carry; do not use blankets were already used another passenger (ask for blankets are still in a state wrapped / sealed in plastic); not touching or rubbing of objects other passengers are often used as a toilet door handle faucet, except immediately clean with tissue paper; do not drink water straight from the tap water on the plane; You sterile tissue paper is better than washing hands with water in an airplane bathroom; specifically for Flu disease, evasion by means of an injection-preventing influenza (flu shot) before traveling; drink plenty of mineral water or bottled water that is still in new condition (sealed) and the latter is put behind for use mask along your journey when it is believed the passenger sitting next to (seat mate) is in an unhealthy state.

Separate personal use items yourself or followers such as, jackets, medicines, cosmetics etc., In a place easily retrieved at any time.

Each airline is required to provide a safety card to be read and understood. Learn the cards early. Usually images made as clear as possible meanings listed without the explanation sentence given language. If there were no known means in order to ask the cabin crew is on duty.

The figure below is an example of one airline safety cards of the group NORDIC countries, included in the group of airlines has the reputation of most airlines in the world survived JACDEC version (Jet Airliner Crash Data Evaluation Center). These cards are in each bag behind the seat A340 aircraft types.

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