Pelindo III flush Build Fund 64 Public Facilities In Java

portaltiga.com:PT Pelabuhan Indonesia III (Persero) or Pelindo III again demonstrated his concern to the community. This time through the Partnership Program and Community Development, SOE sector port services that provide community development grants to 64 public facilities scattered throughout East Java. The facility consists of 28 religious facilities, 33 facilities of education and training, as well as 3 other public facilities amounting to Rp971 million.

Director of Human Resources and General Toto Heli Pelindo III Yanto said the assistance was a regular program Pelindo III held every year. Pelindo III has started the distribution of grants for environmental development since 2001 and carried out in all areas of work in seven provinces in Indonesia.

“From 2001 until the end of 2015 yesterday at least we have channeled funds community development grants with a total value of Rp109,77 billion,” said Toto when met at his office on Monday (18/1).

Toto added, the amount of funds needed for each beneficiary will be different from each other. It was based on the needs and physical state aid object itself. The amount of aid ranged from Rp15-50 million for each beneficiary.

“Before determining the amount of aid, there our team to check directly to the location. That was done to see whether the candidate object assistance truth exists or not. In addition, it can also know the amount of funds needed, “he continued.

Corporate Secretary of Pelindo III Yon Irawan said the amount of funds that can be distributed differently each year. He gave an example in the year 2012, community development grants distributed by Pelindo III Rp12 billion, in 2013 approximately Rp9.6 billion, in 2014 amounted to Rp12,54 billion.

“During 2015 we have disbursed grants amounting Rp11,27 billion environmental development,” he said.

Differences in the total amount of grants for environmental development tailored to corporate finance. Every year, the company red plate channel 2% of its profit after tax to the public. Community development funds channeled by Pelindo III to the community is a grant. That is, each recipient has no obligation to repay the funds to Pelindo III. They are only required to make a report on the realization of the use of grant funds in accordance with the plans they propose to Pelindo III.