Origin archer East Java 2016 Olympic Gold Grab Expected

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portaltiga.com: Two archers East Java, Ika Yuliani and Rio Ega become a mainstay of Indonesia in the 2016 Olympic Games in Brazil, 5 to 21 August next. Both are expected to medal in both individual and team numbers.

“This is the first Olympics that they follow. Thus, a golden opportunity for them to be able to win a medal, “said Chairman Pengprov Perpani Java, Denny Trsiyanto told reporters in the field archery KONI East Java, on Monday (1/2).

According to him, East Java athletes who perform at the 2016 Olympics should be able to win medals. Whether gold, silver or bronze. Both archers had won tickets for the 2016 Olympics after successfully grabbed a brilliant achievement in archery championships in Denmark, September 2015.

“Both Ika and Rio would easily win a medal if not only compete in the individual, but also teams. To that end, PB Perpani plans to send men and women archers flagship championship to the last race for Olympic tickets, “he said.

For men, the trio archer Rio Ega, Hanif and Hendra Wijaya Purnama down at AWC 3 championship in Turkey, 13 to 19 June next. While his daughter, relying Erwina, Dinda and Titi Kusuma.

“If the number of teams able to perform, then the chance to win a medal is quite large. The more archers who qualify in the Olympics, the more options derived archer, “he said.

In addition to the Olympic Games in Brazil, Perpani Jatim also trying to achieve in National Sports Week (PON) XIX / 2016 in West Java, 4 to 20 September next. “Two short-term program that we pursue. Board wants to succeed in the Olympics and PON, “he said.

In PON West Java, East Java archers target of at least 6 gold burdened by KONI East Java. The target is believed to be realized, because Java passed 17 archers. “The opportunities we have in numbers recurve,” said former national archer.

To pursue these targets, Java Perpani not only boost the archers in Puslatda. But, also conducted medical tests, physical and psychological. “Now the test is emulated pelatnas,” said the husband of former national archer Lilies Handayani this.

Denny Trsiyanto himself elected general chairman Pengprov Perpani 2016-2019 period in East Java Provincial Council (Musprov) Perpani Java Trawas, Pandaan, January 30, 2016 last. “I was asked by friends, because there is no longer a candidate,” he said. (Bmw)