New Concept Tone Wait XL Launches “MoodMusic”


Portaltiga.com – Service Tone Wait known as ring back tone (RBT) is still a favorite service community, including customers of PT XL Axiata Tbk (XL). Receive feedback from customers over the years, XL has finally launched the concept tunggubaru tone, more unique and flexible. Launched under the name “MoodMusic” Innovative waiting tone has become the first in Indonesia. XL has been able to enjoy since December 1, 2015 last.

Chief Revenue Management Officer XL, MA Ali said, “The digital age has spawned a variety of digital services products that are entertainment, but still a regular customer looking for RBT as ‘status’ on the phone waiting tone markers. Up to now, RBTmasih just as VAS services are most in demand. Based on the proposals and ideas of the customer also innovative services can we represent. ”

XL MoodMusic are waiting tone service where customers can express their mood or feelings through music directly on a cell phone dial tone. MoodMusic has excellent features, among others, customers can freely substitute its own songs according to his mood, so callers can hear and to feel the mood is. Unlike the other waiting tone, Customers can switch back and forth or update their waiting tone song at no additional cost during the subscription period.

There are hundreds of songs that have been adapted to a wide range of mood this padalayanan. Also available songs new songs, where the customer is also easier to find and set the ring tone of his songs.

No lag, XL also provide security with Clear information for the fare, the period and benefit subscription at the beginning, applying a policy of double confirmation to make sure the customer who decides whether he subscribed or not, also provide regular information through notification regarding how to use and service status MoodMusic active.

A selection of songs available in MoodMusic grouped into 11 types of mood. For every mood available hundreds appropriate song selection that will be updated every week. Jenismood available are Happy, Asik, Romance, Excitement, worries, Groovy, Bete, Hitz, Stress, Casual, Cool.