Establishment of Alternative Medicine in East Java Tightened


portaltiga.com: In the near future the licensing of alternative medicine in East Java, Indonesia will be tightened. This is done in anticipation tindaka Mal Practice when MEA (Asean Economic Community) rolling.

Java DPRD just mengedok and approve Bylaw Provincial Health Systems. Where in any of the contents or components of these regulations rules explained that the alternative pengebotan and Clinics standing in East Java Province must obtain a permit from the Health Office of East Java, and the district / city in East Java.

“With these regulations it hoped to alternative medicine, and the clinic immediately apply for a permit to the Department of Health and district / city,” he said.

It also appealed to the public when finding an alternative treatment to immediately report to the health office as well as Members of Parliament.

“I have urges to the public if an alternative treatment to choose alternatives that have been granted permission from the health office and district / municipality,” he said.

Meanwhile, another Java Assembly Members M. Eksan said that with the MEA will certainly be many alternative and foreign clinics will be entered in East Java with treatment methods that are not known to the Department of Health of East Java. And this must be dismantled before many casualties. For that it would urge the Health Department to immediately get down to the inspection establishment treatment clinics so proliferated.