Establish vocational Mini, East Java Anticipation Radical Movement

Governor of East Java, Dr. H. Soekarwo


portaltiga.com:Salah one factor that persuaded many young people and eventually joining radical movements is that they are not empowered, not having a job and an income. SMK mini is the perfect solution to prevent that as well as providing them with an opportunity to look to the future better.
“Therefore, we are very keen to build a mini Vocational and Training Center (BLK) Plus. Hopefully, there is a potential 24,300 ready workforce that have international certification. If it has been confirmed to work and prosperous life, certainly they will no longer kepikiran joining radical movements ”
So that the Governor of East Java, Dr. H. Soekarwo when opening Gathering Forum for Student Affairs, State Universities and Colleges in East Java with the theme “Fostering Ormawa State Defense and Education” at the University of PGRI Adi Buana (UNIPA) Surabaya on Thursday (21/1).
Pakde Karwo said, according to the data, 49% of the workforce only finished elementary school, because they are very easy to be wooed and invited to join the radical movements. “So our focus is human development in the future, 49% of the workforce must be trained and improved quality, one through vocational mini and BLK Plus” she said.
Since 2014, the East Java provincial government has built 170 vocational BLK Plus mini and international standards throughout East Java, mostly in collaboration with the boarding school. This year, there are 100 vocational targeted new mini. On average there were 3 competency skills to be learned, including technology and engineering, information and communication technology, health, agriculture and agro technology, fishery, business and management, and tourism.
“As an act of support, we also have sent SDM to Germany, the country with the standardization of products highest in 2013, in collaboration with Osaka for Model Mobio Higashi Osaka in 2014, as well as a plan of cooperation with Western Australia and the UK for vocational education of international standards” continued Pakde Karwo ,
As a result, the recruitment of a joint bid mini vocational school graduates are pouring in, both from within and outside the country. From within the country, East Java, is believed to be the pilot project for the Regional Interagency Working Interagency system (Akad) initiated by the central government through the Ministry of Labor (Kemenaker) RI.
It was announced itself by the Minister of Manpower, Hanif Dhakiri when visiting Workspace Governor of East Java, on Friday (10/4) last year. While abroad, Germany has offered 6 million job openings for graduates of vocational mini from East Java. The joint bid, submitted by the Institute for Vocational Education and confirmed by Andreas Gosche Education Attache and culture Germany Prof. Dr. rer.nat Agus Rubiyanto to Pakde Karwo at the opening ceremony of the National Seminar on Harmonization with the Vocational Education World / industry in East Java, at Earth, Jl. Basuki Ranmad Surabaya on Thursday (11/9) in 2014.
Seeing the bright prospect, Pakde Karwo requested State Universities and Private Sector to be able to receive vocational graduates. Because the future government programs in sustainable development focusing on vocational education, which is expected ratio of SMK: SMA is 70:30.
“We hope that state and private universities also receive vocational graduates, so that children do not just choose to go on to high school, if only accepts high school graduates, of course the children would choose to go on to high school. Though the prospect of SMK very nice, we already cooperate with Germany, Australia and the United Kingdom employment for graduates of vocational mini “he said.

“Once again, I hope PTN and PTS to receive vocational graduates, if we do not change our education system with the siding on vocational education, then by 2035 there will be 12 million bonus demographics us, is not likely to appear many radical movements new, but if we can absorb the workforce properly, they will not join the radical movements “he concluded.
In line with Pakde Karwo, Chairman of FORMA East Java, M. Saleh, M.Si said, this nation has been the arrival of a new problematics, both nationally and in Java itself, such radical movements. “This must be prevented so as not to spread, many brothers of our students lost” he said. (Nik)