East Java Governor Road Construction Sign MoU Transe Sukorejo- Translucent Stone

Regent of Pasuruan sign MoU

Portaltiga.com:Gubernur East Java Soekarwo, signed the MoU on the development cooperation Translucent / Liaison Sukorejo – Stone. The signing of the MoU between the provincial government. East Java regency. Pasuruan regency. Malang and Batu, conducted at the State House Grahadi Jln Governor Suryo 7 Surabaya, Monday (25/1).
Road construction plan breaks along this 33.91 Km, passing through the territory of three counties and the City of Pasuruan 10.37 Km long and passes in eight (8) villages in three (3) districts Namely excl. Sukorejo, district. Purwosari and sub Purwodadi. Medium Kab. Malang along 21.12 km through three districts and 13 villages namely Sub mace, Singosari and subdistricts Karangploso. while Batu i only around 2.43 Km passing the village the villagers Giripurno excl. Bumiaji.
According Pakde Karwo, greeting Gluey East Java Governor Dr. Soekarwo, development of the trans translucent stone Sukorejo- along 33.91 km with a width of 2 x 7 meters and the type of road four (4) lane 2 in this direction plan construction will begin in the first quarter, 2017 to complete cost approximately Rp1.369, 95 billion. The costs include costs for land acquisition and construction, the number of as many as eight bridges with a length of 350 meters, and the number of intersections plot of 125 pieces and crossing with a single toll road.
Pakde Karwo say, this translucent trace road construction has received approval from all the communities in the three regions to be passed, especially with a view to accelerate the distribution of trade and traffic. The reason is, because every day the number of traffic flow Malang – Surabaya increasingly high that road congestion is inevitable, it is necessary and should open new road alignment Lawang- translucent stones or Sukorejo – Batu.
Attending the event, the Regent of Pasuruan, Malang Pj.Bupati, and the mayor of Stone, as well as the Head of Department of Public Highways, either DPU Prov. East Java district. Pasuruan, Kab. Malang and Batu as a service in charge of road or Leading Sectors
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