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Distress, Pulmonary TB Patients 15 371 In Java Translucent Case

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portaltiga.com:Dinas Health (health) Jatim record number of people with tuberculosis (TB) BTA (Bacillus acid) exceeded 15 371 positive cases. “The public must be alert because of smear positive pulmonary TB is contagious,” said Head of East Java Health Office, dr Harsono in Surabaya, Friday (22/1).

Head of East Java Health Office, dr Harsono revealed many cases of smear-positive pulmonary TB can accelerate the addition of new TB cases in East Java. With proper handling and prevention of expected TB cases in East Java has not increased .. Until recently TB cases in East Java as many as 40 thousand people, while the patients were successfully treated reached 28 thousand people.

While the area of ​​TB contributor occupied Surabaya with 3,569 cases, followed Jember 2,325 cases, 1,638 cases Sidoarjo, Gresik Malang 1,385 cases and 1,294 cases. ” Surabaya ranked first, this should be a concern of all parties not only the duty of the government, ” he said.

High incidence of TB, further Harsono, due to lower preventive made public. They tend to seek treatment when sick, and do not promote prevention. “Lifestyle and unhealthy environmental conditions and lack of ventilation air and sunlight into the house, room or house in humid conditions, as well as poor sanitation so the cause of developing TB,” he said

To note, TB is an important public health problem in the world. In 1992 the World Health Organization (WHO) has declared tuberculosis a global emergency. WHO report in 2004 stated that there were 8.8 million new cases of tuberculosis in 2002, 3.9 million were smear (Bacillus acid) is positive. One third of the world population has been infected with tuberculosis bacteria and according to the WHO regional largest number of TB cases occur in Southeast Asia, namely 33% of all TB cases in the world, but when viewed from a population there is 182 cases per 100,000 population. In Africa nearly 2 times larger than southeast Asia that is 350 per 100,000 pendduduk.

It is estimated, the number of TB deaths is 8000 every day and 2-3 million annually. WHO report of 2004 mentions that the largest number of TB deaths are in southeast Asia that 625,000 people or mortaliti figure of 39 people per 100,000 population. Mortaliti figure is highest in Africa is 83 per 100,000 population, HIV prevalence is quite high resulting in rapid increase in cases of TB are emerging.

Indonesia still ranks third in the world after India and China. Every year there are 250,000 new TB cases and approximately 140,000 deaths from TB. (Communications Java / Yud)