Built In Bojonegoro, East Java Build Airports Special Oil and Gas

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Portaltiga.com: Bojonegoro will have a Special service of oil and gas. The plan, to be built in Bojonegoro Special service of Oil and Gas in 2017. Its location, is located in approximately 195 hectares of land in the village of Lock, District Dander, Bojonegoro.

Airport construction plan was revealed from the explanation of the Head of the Department of Industry and Trade jatim, Mohammad Ardi Prasetya when contacted by phone on Thursday (21/1).

Men are also Pj Regent Mojokerto explains, Bojonegoro filed determination of the location to the provincial government for the airport Special to be built, since Law No. 2 of 2012 on Procurement of land for development for the benefit of the public, emphasized that the determination of the location of the land over 1 hectare to approval Gubenrur ,

The results, the team finally chose an area of ​​195 hectares of forest land in the village of Lock, District Dander, as a special airport location Migas Bojonegoro. Once checked, 175 hectares of the land belonging to Perhutani and the remaining 21 hectares of land owned by citizens. “So, this is still the beginning, because the new determination of the location,” he said.

However, along with determining the location, the team also verifies a number of specific airports document Bojonegoro. Start development planning documents, feasibilty study (FS), the environmental impact analysis (Andal), to agree or disagree with the layout. “For spatial turned out to be appropriate,” he added.

To that end, Bojonegoro regency asked to make a schedule for the exchange of land acquisition for the airport. Although the 294-day time limit, the provincial government, said Ardhi ask for accelerated land issues and this year has been completed and the approval of the Ministry of Forestry that the land will be used. Including replacing the land owned by citizens.

“Thus, in March or April, location determination can be submitted to the Governor for approval. Equipped with all the documents,” said the acting regent of this Mojokerto.

Head of the Development Bureau of Development Administration Setdaprov Java Anwari added, based on the planning documents submitted Bojongoro local government, land acquisition for specific airports Migas will be conducted over three years, from 2016 to 2018.

While the physical development carried out over four years, beginning in 2017 and is expected to be completed by 2020. “If according to plan, this particular airport will be used for the operation of oil and gas and not for a commercial airport,” he said. (Bmw)