Anticipation Supplementary Terrorist Attacks, the Parliament urges BIN Personnel Plus

Members of the House of Representatives Commission 1 Syaifullah Tamliha


Portaltiga.com: Lack of anticipation before a bomb at Sarinah Jl. Thamrin, Central Jakarta, Thursday (14/1) were considered by the House of Representatives because of NIA (National Intelligence Agency)
experiencing a shortage of personnel. Members of the House of Representatives Commission 1 Tamliha Saifullah said before the initial event in 2016 and then head of BIN Sutiyoso warned
the existence of such hazards. “This is evidence that the NIA was able to read any such threats. BIN can be read and should be able to anticipate.
But constrained due to limited personnel. Bang Yos (BIN chief Sutiyoso)’ve talked kepublik and the House of Representatives if requested additional personnel from 400 to 5000 personnel personnel. But by the Minister inveiglement Apparatus
State and Reformasiu Bureaucracy (MenPAN RB) no employee recruitment. Inikan very regrettable and we urge the government fulfill as soon as possible, “said the politician PPP when contacted by phone on Friday (15/1).

In the future, said Saifullah Tamliha, if later there is recruitment of members of BIN, should direngkrut who understand IT. “On average more sophisticated terrorists for IT. This must be matched by the state,” he added.
In addition to a shortage of personnel BIN, Tamliha Saifullah said he saw for hunting terrorists in Indonesia are carried out by the police are still patchy.
“It should be eradicated until complete and should not be repaid. And the apparatus can be read if the terrorists just that’s it,” he continued.
Especially for bombing Sarinah, Tamliha said, he saw the government in particular apparatus must implement procedures for the handling of terrorists in the current extraordinary events. “We see terrorist
can still communicate with the terrorists in the field and hiding. In the United States so there was a terrorist incident, the government immediately shut off the electrical grid and communications
so that when a terrorist attack occurs there is no communication between terrorists. These are dangerous terrorists that there are actually trying to control terrorist hideout in the field, “he concluded. (CSR)