Ambassador inaugurated Application Visa, Visa Taking Care Enough To England In Surabaya

British ambassador Moazzam Malik


Portaltiga.com: To facilitate and assist local people who will visit Ingrris, the British Embassy in Indonesia opens visa application center in Surabaya. The opening of the visa application center, while enhancing the strong ties between the UK and Indonesia.

“Visa Application Centre is open every Thursday and will help the people of Surabaya and East Java to obtain a visa in order to visit the UK,” said British Ambassador to Indonesia Moazzam Malik on the sidelines of the inauguration of the UK Visa Application Centre in Surabaya on Thursday (14/1).

Admitted want to see more and more people of Surabaya and East Java to come to England. Not just for a vacation, but also education and business.

“The UK is committed boost a stronger relationship between the United Kingdom and the people of Surabaya. In essence, we are ready to welcome you in English, “he said.

According to him, this Visa Application Center makes the service more and more accessible to the 39 million people in East Java. Previously, for a visit to Britain, masuyarakat still have to Jakarta or Bali applying for a UK visa.

“Visa Application Centre is a form of expansion of current activities England in Surabaya since 2015, we have opened the Center for English” British Council “, the Representative Office British Chamber of Commerce (British Chamber of Commerce), and opened a representative office British Embassy in Surabaya, “he explained.

Based on data obtained from the Media and Communications Section British Embbassy Jakarta, in late September 2015, the UK has issued 38 677 visas for Indonesian citizens, an increase of 3 percent from 2014, as well as the higher of 50 percent since 2010.

UK Visa Application Centre in Surabaya is implementing cost service system, in which the applicant had to spend up to approximately USD 1.04 million. The average processing time of visa does not reside is eight days and 99 per cent of its decision-making process is made within 15 working days, which are located located in Graha Pena Floor 15 Jalan Ahmad Yani, Surabaya.

Meanwhile, Acting Mayor of Surabaya Nurwiyatno appreciate the opening of the UK Visa Application Centre in its territory because it helps simplify the requirements to the UK. “Now the public if you want the visa does not need to Jakarta or Bali, but quite in Surabaya. Hopefully in the future interstate cooperation is getting better, “he said. (Bmw)