493 Victims of Lapindo mudflow Receive Certificate from the Government Land

portaltiga.com:Menteri Agricultural and Spatial Planning of Republic of Indonesia Ferry Mursyidan Baldan submit as many as 493 land certificates for residents affected by the Lapindo mud system of resettlement (compensation house) in Housing Kahuripan Nirwana Village (KNV) Sidoarjo, Wednesday (20/1). Symbolically, the Minister of Agrarian and Spatial RI symbolically handed over to the 10 residents of the area of ​​land that is different.
Certificate of completion is relatively fast for two weeks. This is because by the administration to file 493 has been completed by the owner. The handover was witnessed by East Java Governor Dr. H. Soekarwo, Head of BPN Taruna Agus Nandang Sidoarjo, Sidoarjo Regent Jonathan Pj Judianto, Sidoarjo Regent Saiful H. Selected llah, SH, M. Hum, Forpimda Kab. Sidoarjo, as well as host communities land titles.
In his speech, the Governor of East Java Dr. H. Soekarwo appreciate the steps the Ministry of Agricultural and Spatial RI responsive and quickly complete the certificate of land as much as 493 within two weeks.
“Minister of Agrarian and Spatial make the National Land Agency (BPN) to move his thoughts on the settlement of land titles. So people ask for a certificate, the Ministry two weeks to react immediately be resolved. This is incredible, “said Pakde Karwo closely greeting Governor of East Java.
Meanwhile, the Minister of Agrarian and Spatial Planning of Republic of Indonesia Ferry Mursyidan Baldan, delivery of land titles is a form of state presence gave the land for the public benefit. Residents affected by Lapindo Sidoarjo mud should be given certainty to the land certificate. Not to stay in this housing, but land certificate no. It adds to public unrest.
According to him, the acceleration of the completion of the ground within two weeks can not be separated from the role of the Regional Office in the ministry. So there are problems, it has asked the Regional Office to report the problem position. Even the Minister of Agrarian and Spatial Planning of Republic of Indonesia Ferry Mursyidan Baldan it requested the Regional Office of the Ministry of Agricultural and Tata money to complete the certificate of land within a period of one to two weeks.
Further delivered, this effort is also a co-operation and support of the entire community, East Java provincial government, as well as Sidoarjo regency. “Thanks for the support. Let’s do the steps to realize the goal of a good ground for the benefit of society, “he said.
On that occasion, he asked the public to be patient in waiting for the completion of the certificate that has become due. “All the houses in the certificate or the rest of KNV, currently still in the process,” he said.
It also committed, in the completion of the certificate that has the rights of citizens, officials BPN Kab. Sidoarjo will work optimally. The hope is what has become of this citizens’ rights, to be completed and submitted again until the certificate is completed all the rights of citizens.
“Believe me, BPN will perform and give a good steward in penyeleseian certificate. If allowed, I am also willing to submit again to the citizens,” he added.
Cheerful flavor and coloring sumringah mud hundreds of victims face a long waiting legitimate mail in the form of a certificate of his house in Residential Kahuripan Nirwana Village (KNV) Desa Jati district. Sidoarjo. (In)

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