Emergency, RI Border annexed East Timor

portaltiga.com: Timor Leste secretly trying to annex the territory in dispute between Indonesia and Timor Leste. Former state-owned Indonesian province was building a number of offices and warehousing in North Netamnanu village, Kupang, NTT.

They want to emulate Malaysia as claim ownership of Sipadan and Ligitan. The occupation of East Timor could do dikata to annex the disputed areas. It sterile occupied territory illegally,” said military commander Maj Gen IV Udayanam M. Setyo Sularso, Monday (18/1 ).

Setyo said Netamnanu area is disputed areas so that the area declared sterile. Because of the sterile, the two countries are prohibited from utilizing the area. I pick the responsibility to sterilize in a good way,” he said.